What is the Papercut Light Boxes and What is the blog doing


My name is
Wu Qiang Kui

My name reads awkwardly as I come from China. As you can see, I focus on selling the papercut light boxes and the DIY accessory of this kind of art night light. I come from a countryside of China which has strong silhouette artistic atmosphere, so I design and share. :)

Papercut Light Boxes is a kind of innovative art, people name it "Papercut Light Boxes," or "Shadow box." it combined a dozen silhouette paper to obtain the stereoscopic pattern showing sparkling and beautiful colour in dark. It is redefining night lights with silhouette Art.


Art culture has no borders and is the common wealth of all human beings. I should like to share with you all my designs for DIY, plz check the DIY tutorial first and choose your favorite pattern.