If you are just discovering the Papercut Light Boxes for the first time, please check the About page and DIY tutorial page before starting. DIY Papercut Light Boxes may be a project that requires patience.

It may take you more than 7 days to complete the complex carving process, it will even longer if you are the first time to use a carving knife. If you don't have enough time or it is a gift, maybe you could consider buying the finished product directly from the VibesGenius Store - the cost of DIY is almost the same as the finished product. We use a variety of industrialization process and standard line operation, to make product more professional, beautiful and practical.


If you are already familiar with DIY Papercut Light Boxes, you can download all the design files for free here, but you will be asked to share the post to facebook to get the download address.

Please forgive me for this setting, I need your help to let more people know and love this beautiful craft. I would deeply appreciate your time. If you have downloaded the file, please honour the agreement - The copyright of these designs is owned by the author wuqiangkui, visitors can use these designs for personal study, research, or appreciation, as well as for other non-commercial or non-profitable uses. But can not be used for any commercial or profit-making purposes. For more details, please refer to the "Universal Copyright Convention."